Dennis Hall, a carpenter, says he has looked for the famed creature ever since he was 10. He said he was getting into a boat with his daughter, son and father-in-law, when his daughter spotted a creature on June 30, 1985. I have his video on the video page. The creature was about a mile away when it was first seen.

Scott & I have known Dennis for years; Dennis has had several sightings during his search for champ. He has helped me with my pictures and we have had several lengthy discussions of what Champ and Nessie might be.

Dennis Hall's Book

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Champquest 1999

Perhaps the most intriguing evidence for Champ's existence came from underwater microphones installed in 2003 by a team doing research for the Discovery Channel. The team picked up a high-pitched ticking and chirping noise like what a dolphin or whale makes. Obviously these creatures would not be in freshwater, many miles away from the ocean.
Elizabeth von Muggenthaler, president of Fauna Communications Research, a Hillsborough, N.C., firm that studies how animals communicate captured underwater sounds similar to those emitted by a Beluga whale or dolphin in lake Champlain. The sounds come from a biological creature creating biosonar at a level that only a few underwater species can do. There is no evidence the lake is home to a freshwater whale or dolphin. The biosonar noises picked up by the equipment sound like a rapid series of ticks and are emitted by underwater creatures in their search for food. What is unusual about the sonar heard in this case was its volume: Ten times louder than any known fish species in the lake. She said the irregular sequence of tick sounds also ruled out any chance the noises were produced by a mechanical device or fish finder.

Scott Mardis, Elizabeth von Muggenthaler, Dennis Hall, Ruby and Precious Anderson( you can find her video on the video page ) conducted an expedition at button bay in 2009. I know most of this group they have each had sightings of champ. I will be adding more details about them as I get the information. I know they are planning to go again this year 2013 around June.

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